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We just like their fiction. Administrator 3 Books Completed! Aemeth 3 Books Completed! Allie 3 Books Completed! Aretaa 3 Books Completed! Badseedgirl 3 Books Completed! Chiplefien 3 Books Completed! Diane 3 Books Completed! Dlw28 3 Books Completed! Dragonwolf13 3 Books Completed! Eafiu 3 Books Completed! The author also adds some insights into the nature of religious faith, as a bonus.

Stisele was originally sent to Miaaro to rule the place, but she is now leading the peasants in a war of liberation, in which she must sacrifice much. Here we have two very brief scenes from this story. At the edge of a field within sigh of the granary towers of Joaarsiell, a Beltresin herald rode far ahead of the cavalry to meet her under flag of parley and flag of nation. The red manner whipped in the east wind, the leaping dolphin crowned in gold, rippling over golden waves. I will never see home again. This is why I get cranky.

The author apparently has a great deal of material on hand featuring this character, and I suspect her story may indeed be worth reading. But this is not a story. It is a couple of fragments from the story. On the other hand, there can be no doubt that Stisele is a woman warrior. Oler has taken a ship to the Mouth of Hell in order to confront the Queen and demand him back. Holding her sides, the Captain threw back her head and laughed. Here is a dark fantasy set in an interesting gynocentric society, a pantheon roughly along the lines of Greek myth, in which the redemption of souls from hell was a recurring theme.

Oler is definitely a sorceress, not a warrior, although she is not averse to sticking a blade into an inconvenience. Sora and her mother are exiles among the River People, tolerated but not accepted. Then a malicious girl in the village has thrown a shadow on her reputation. The rather peculiar social customs of the River People add a bit of interest to this typical woman-takes-warrior-test story. Nysa fears wizards.

Her mother was impoverished and cursed by a wizard, and now Nysa has to work as a debt slave to the nasty innkeeper in order to pay for the potion that keeps her mother alive. So she spills her serving tray when the new weather wizard comes into the inn. But this wizard is not what she had expected.

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What Nysa is, is sharp-witted. Hautbee is a woman warrior, one of the escorts for a rich woman making a pilgrimage to a feminist Temple, but their group is being pursued by the deadly creations of sorcery. The Skinless were coming over the horizon, and I could not see the landscape beneath them.

The plains were, more accurately, red with them. Lopers, slingers, worse things. Skinless carnivorous horses. Snakelike constructs built out of a dozen human bodies knit together. They were coming our way like a tide. Now, nothing else but sorcery can save them. Like the protagonists, we have no time to wonder about the how or why or who of the situation, only escaping it.

One is a warrior, serving a god of war; one is a postulant Queen on a mission to win her crown. It is ordained that only one of them will survive. Unless some other god gets involved, a trickster or a tempter. The path of wisdom leads away from some conflicts. Power belongs to those who remain alive. Even your exacting gods will acknowledge this. Surely it is the lesson they would teach. Two warrior women here. The language of this narrative is portentous and grave — overly so. The author seems to balance the two threads of his story, but morally there is no balance in this situation.

But with gods like any of these, I think we can do well without. Except maybe the monkey. A ghost story. Yi Qin is a conjurer, used to commanding ghosts. She has been sent to help an old man, Liang Zho, who is being haunted every night be whispering spirits. No matter how much of her blood she takes, she can not at first exorcize these spirits. But Yi Qin has a sister, her twin who died at birth, who knows secrets that she does not.

Someone has opened a door in the Silent Mountain, the abode of the dead, and these spirits have crossed into the living world. Yi Qin must close this door, but first she must learn why it has been opened. She discovers that behind the ghosts lies a tale of treachery and murder. A nicely complicated mystery and a bleak and hopeless vision of the afterlife.

I can understand why spirits might want to escape from the Silent Mountain.

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Yi Qin, too, seems like she could use an escape. The only blood Yi Qin spills is her own, for therein her power lies. The second issue of this irregularly-published printzine devoted to historical fiction, historical fantasy and alternate history. The overall tone of the stories this time is horror, both supernatural and mundane. Hundred Years War. Tobias is the personal chronicler of Sir Richard de Motley, part of the English army raiding the south of France in Although the raid is going well, some kind of wild beast is attacking the sentries.

Sir Richard declares it to be wolves and resolves to destroy them, which is not as simple as he supposed. The creature, which a moment ago had lain as though dead, twitched and moaned. It tilted its head and panted like laughter. Its chest heaved with the noise, fur and flesh rippling around the wound.

Tobias watched in horror as flesh filled the gap where the blade had been. A mix of farce and horror, apparently part of a series featuring these characters and reflecting something of the spirit of this brutal and credulous age. The legionnaire studied the rounded arrow-shaped obelisk at the centre of the camp for the thousandth time. Its size was such that he could make out the details—painted prayers to the gods, frescos of griffins, pegasi, and flying chariots—along its shaft.

Aluminum - iron oxide thermite burning.

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Louis Cards and Electronics Trade. House Hunting Ft. Cards Saab: Kayden's Gone. Isaac in Coma, Braab's Suspect, Dr. Isaac's Burgers Stolen. Vivi, Copper, Bobby. Copper, Bobby Siz eats. Braab: Chips Family and Notes. Bike Warrant. Nopixel Trailer Watch. Hostage Bondage Brenda. Vault Success. Buck, Baas. Jason Pickup Nino's meeting delayed. Stuck with brawlers in the mountains. Nino: Electronics, Gold. Erin Heist: Gomer, Jason, Boe. Chips Hostage. Captain RP. Zelda carries Siz. Stay away from Norman Mountain v Brawler, Ft. Zelda's Music.

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