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Clapton will gather the past, present and future of guitar music onto one stage for an unparalleled musical event. All profits from the Festival will benefit The Crossroads Centre in Antigua, a treatment and education facility founded by Clapton for chemically dependent persons.


Known as pioneers in their field, the roster of artists spans old and new. The audience can expect unrivaled entertainment, brilliant guitar work, surprise guests and impromptu jams that are the hallmark of these performers. During the War of the Lions two groups travel through the Crossroads. Celene and her companions Briala , Felassan and Michel have the keystone from Imshael and are attempting to return to Val Royeaux , while Gaspard and his companions Mihris , Remache and Lienne are pursuing them.

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The groups eventually conclude a truce. They defeat a varterral in the central chamber together.

As previously agreed, Celene's champion and Gaspard then duel for the fate of Orlais. While they are at it, Briala steals the keystone and claims the eluvian network for herself.

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This section contains spoilers for : Dragon Age: Inquisition. Morrigan brings the Inquisitor to the Crossroads through her eluvian in Skyhold. She explains that Corypheus seeks a similar mirror in an elven temple within the Arbor Wilds to enter this place. Although the Crossroads are not actually the Fade, they are very close to it. Someone with enough power could tear down the ancient barriers and walk the Fade in the flesh. Morrigan then insists on stopping Corypheus together. People and CultureAre you kidding? Somebody from everywhere lives here and they all keep their native languages and recipes, then learn English so they can open a restaurant, all to YOUR benefit as soon as you figure out which neighborhood you want to go explore tonight.

There are a few sayings about people in NYC. Second, "New Yorkers are the nicest people in the world.. This is definitely true. Culture here?


You've got film, fashion, music, food, fine art, dance, theater, you name it. Every art form you can think of, including the art of making lots of money, is flaunted on the city streets. Also fun stuff like sex, drugs, arson, murder and stealing are thriving here at the apex of their popularity. Think class division and you'll be standing tip-toe on the ice berg's lurking point. Robert Moses State Park is my recommendation.

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A great "new yorky" thing to do is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and get an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn. There's really no way to encapsulate the life of this city in a few recommendations but I'll try. Go there. Eat pizza. Die happy. In Times Square, take a bicycle taxi to get around, see things and hear a real insider's report on where to go not to get ripped off.

What's there to eat?

Meat Packing District for nightlife, start here. Please forgive me, New York!!! Text by Steve Smith. Toggle navigation Search. Gigapixel Gallery. Curated Sets. World Map. Editors' Picks More.

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