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I have to rub a turd? And instead of wishing three wishes, you wish the same wish three times, and your wish is: I wish the movie version of Watchmen never existed! But I digress. Stretch, the limo driver, has got a problem. You do not. Like Doctor Detroit. Wild antics ensue. Stretch narrates the film as it goes along, and is there anything better in movies than voice over narration? There is. More or less. I remember one scene. The one scene with David Hasselhoff, which I grant to everyone involved represents his finest moment on screen, ever, and not in an ironic way.

Well done, Hasselhoff. What can you do? Ask for your money back? Sadly, no. Have you never asked?

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Works like a charm. What do they care? How much of a chance did I give Stretch to impress? I suggest watching Doctor Detroit instead. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

What 3 Wishes Will You Be Granted? (PICK A CARD) Surprise!

Learn how your comment data is processed. He somehow incurred the displeasure of his elders and was expelled to the Western sea, where he spent his remaining life as a fisherman.

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Accordingly, he always wears an ancient Japanese court dress, with a fishing rod in his right hand and with a large reddish braize under his left arm. This fish, which is zoologically known as pagrus cardinalis or major , is considered by the Japanese the most delicious provision on the table, and as indispensable at all important festivals as is turkey at an American Thanksgiving dinner.

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Ebis and Daikok are usually in the company of each other; Daikok may be said principally to be a patron of farmers, and Ebis of merchants and tradesmen. The birthday of Ebis which falls in November, is celebrated by the commercial people, especially the dry-goods dealers, by offering the public a special sale. Some think that any fancy needle work made of the material bought on Ebis day brings the owner good luck. One of the largest Japanese brewing companies is named after this god and uses his picture for a trade mark. Muir in his Original Sanskrit Texts , V.

She is celebrated both as a river and a goddess. She was primarily a river deity, as her name 'watery' clearly denotes; and in this capacity she is celebrated in a few separate passages. That she was also the goddess of eloquence, learning, writing, in short of general culture, is told by Sir W. Jones who says Works , vol. XIII, p. In this character she is addressed in the ode; and particularly as the goddess of harmony, since the Hindus usually paint her with a musical instrument in her hand.

The seven notes, an artful combination of which constitutes music and variously affects the passions, are feigned to be her earliest production. Benzaiten in Japan is also the popular goddess of beauty. In stories of ancient Japan we read that when a mother wished to have handsome daughters, she went to the temple of Benzaiten, and confining herself in a special room or cave, she fasted and prayed with all her heart, generally for a period of seven days.

In case her urgent wish was granted, the goddess manifested herself in a dream, and the child thus favored always surpassed all others in beauty and wisdom. As Benzaiten is associated with water, she is often represented as standing or sitting on a dragon or sea-serpent, and sometimes assumes the shape of her sacred animal. In Hindu mythology she is pictured as riding on a peacock.

Of Bliss and Granted Wishes: A True Story Told as a Novel by H.D. Greaves

In Japan as well as in India she holds a musical instrument in her hand, but the Japanese common sense hesitated to let her have more than two arms, while the fertile Indian imagination depicts her with four arms, though she looks more human than some other Hindu deities. Bishamonten, or Bishamon, was also originally a Hindu god, whose Sanskrit name is Vaishravana. He is the god of wealth and one of the guardians of the four cardinal points of the universe.

He is the guardian of the North. His other name is Kuvera. Some Hindu scholars say that this last-mentioned god did not play a very important part in the Hindu pantheon, and in spite of being Lord of Gold, no images or pictures p. As a Buddhist god he is well known and in Buddhist countries his pictures and images are plentiful. In the Japanese group of the seven gods Bishamon has lost his qualification as god of wealth. He is known only as the patron of knowledge, and it is in this capacity that he is sometimes called by the Japanese the God of Great Learning.

Some of the great men in the history of Japan are believed to have been incarnations of this guardian of the North. Perhaps the Sanskrit name Vaishravana, which would be interpreted as being a derivative of the root shru , "to hear," might have suggested the rendering of his name by "much hearing," that is, "great learning.

Porter loves video games, and aspires to be a game designer when he grows up.

Bishamon is not so popular as the preceding three, though many temples are dedicated to him and annual festivals are celebrated in his honor. In pictures and images he appears as holding a miniatare tower or castle in his left hand and a spear in his right, which evidently symbolizes his function as guardian warrior-god.

It is not exactly known when all these Hindu deities were introduced into the Island Empire. The probability is that when Vajrabodhi, Amogha, and other representatives of the Mantra sect came from India to China in the eighth century, they brought along all these gods with many others.

As this sect is a sort of hybrid of Buddhist and Tantric beliefs, it incorporated a great number of Hindu deities.

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  6. When it was imported to Japan soon after its establishment in China, these wonderful creations of the Hindu mind proved very attractive to the popular conception of the masses. One legend considers him an incarnation of Maitreya Buddha. He carries a large linen bag on his shoulders, and, a Japanese Santa Claus, is a great favorite with children, and wherever he appears they flock around him.

    Occasionally he may be seen among them distributing gifts dear to their hearts. He has no special name of his own.