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Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, , Myron posted this story on Facebook:. The next morning we boarded two buses for a short trip across the river to Teaneck, New Jersey, where we rehearsed 12 acts doing 6 songs each. This lasted about five hours and then it was time to change clothes and do our first show to start a six week tour. I knew who the acts were in advance so we had already done a lot of work on the songs before we left Sioux Falls.

Del Shannon joined us for a couple of shows and The Rolling Stones did two shows with us in Philadelphia. Just after noon that Friday, President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas.

How to become an ACTOR - Casting Director Contact, Sample Auditions Included

I was certain the Osseo school officials would cancel the dance. But they decided it would be best for the students to go ahead with it. As we were setting up in the school gym that evening we were asked if we could begin by playing the National Anthem. This was well before Jimi Hendrix turned it into a piece of Woodstock history. He never lived there himself. Instead, he worked the land and rented out the house.

She remained here, my dad moved in and later on, I was born. Erik Knutsson had no children of his own. When he passed away, Siw inherited him. The story of these two families are interweaved within this estate. Oskar gives a big smile. This estate is our. However, it belongs to itself and we are just. The fact that we know so much about its history makes us look at it from a different angle and at the same time we care more about it. But how do you find the time to renovate when you have small children, work, and animals to take care of?

We are not very social. We seldom watch TV. When Victor was small, we had parental leave together for six months. During that time, we put a lot of effort into the renovation. They have also had much help from other craftsmen, especially with the more complicated projects, such as changing the heating system, and building of porch. We have mostly been working on the surface layers. We have also done some carpentry. The Estrid Magazine 1 There are some other projects not yet completed, but they will have to wait until later.

The window renovation is an ongoing project. They also have Siw helping them. Together with Jakob they form an unbeatable wall-papering team, according to Helena. She is also the one who spends most time gardening. Helping us with the children or cooking dinner for us on a day when we want to work extra hard, is of course priceless. We are not constantly on the go.

From October to March we stop and do nothing. We usually go away for the holidays in. Above: Originally, this was a cornice. It has now been reconstructed. Helena and Jakob believe the cornice is older than the actual house itself. They have found several painted cornices in the attic, which have been reused in the building of the house.

We hope it will last for the rest of our lives and even longer. We have uncovered the original wooden ceiling, and covered the floors with pine wood and bricks. We have also placed a wood burning iron stove in the kitchen, because the original one had been removed. This is a big kitchen where everyone can come together and cook.

The Crazy Lives of John Dybvig

We find it difficult to rest when we are at home. We go for a walk inside the house. Finally we go upstairs. There is also a large room that is not yet finished. This room is currently used for storing paint cans, brushes, furniture and what not. The older boys seem focused. They sit by the table and play with Lego. The choice of interior for this room was based on a large, dark dining table from the end of. We decorated the dining room with furniture from this period of time, and we put up wallpapers in a similar style.

Some of the more fine and fragile objects had to be put away because of the youngest one, Oskar. He is really good at climbing, and he manages to climb up all the way to the curtain rail. We want our furniture and equipment to be used, Helena rounds it up. The furniture all have scratches on them because they have been used. Not because someone has rubbed its patina on them. To restore all the windows is a slow and time consuming project. They have decided to paint them red. During this period, the interior decoration was often dark, heavy and overfurnished. With lots of candle light lit up, this is now our favorite evening room in the autumn.

Look through the recycle bin for things to use and imagine what different items can become something new and creative. Here I built a skewed house in a bohemian and colourful style. Things that are useful: Cardboard and boxes Newspaper Other things from the recycle bins bottles, jars etc.

Wallpaper glue Tape, for instance masking tape Glue hobby glue or a glue gun Paint and paint brushes Scissors and a craft knife Leftover craft material, such as beads, sequins, felt, fabric and sticks. How to make your own wallpaper glue: Whisk together ml flour and ml water in a saucepan. Put aside and let cool down. You can keep it in a jar in the fridge for a couple of weeks. If you want a stronger glue, you can add some hobby glue or wood glue not recommended if children are using this glue. When building this house, no glue was added.

Do it like this: Begin with building the houses using sturdy cardboard. I begun with a cardboard box and cut out windows. From another piece of cardboard I cut walls and floor and attached it with a strong paper based tape you can also use a wide masking tape, silvertape or ducktape. The chimney is made by cutting an empty toilet roll from bottom to top, rolling it tight and using tape to secure it. The greenhouse is made of a plastic bottle in which I have cut an opening.

The roof is made of pieces of cardboard in different sizes that I taped together and attached to the bottle with a glue gun. Bring newspapers and wallpaper glue. Tear or cut the newspapers in long strips. Dip them in the glue and take away excess glue with your fingers. With these strips you can reinforce the house where needed for instance at all places you have used tape only and you can add shape where you want it. You need more than one layer of newspapers in order to make it strong and durable. Next: Wait.

The house needs to be completely dry before you move on to the next step: To paint. Since I wanted to use only the leftover paint I had at home, the house is made in different colours. First I painted all of it light beige. Then the outside was painted in metallic bluegreen and purple. The inside was painted in warm colours and the roof black.

Ah, the roof. Of course a forest house I found this bark on the ground and attached it with a glue gun. The roof of the greenhouse is inspired by a pinecone. Instead I had small pieces of felt leftover from another project. I cut it in small pieces and glues it to the roof. A grill stick and a bead became a flag pole and a piece of fabric a flag.

Of course there are plants both inside and outside the greenhouse. Small pieces of green felt became leaves and stems and red flowers. Some green wool roving helped make the greenhouse lush. The floor in the greenhouse is soil brown felt and inside grows tomatoes dried rowan berries. Now the house is ready and someone can move in.

A book about getting a sibling that is not like other books on the topic. There is so much in this book, both in text and in picture, without being too overbearing. It warms my heart to see a family that is not mom-dad-child, without it being mentioned in the text, and that the little baby is carried in a baby wrap. Main character, Will, is overweight, but with a relaxed view on it: According to her, the perfect bikini body is a body with a bikini.

But love makes her doubt herself, just the way love sometimes does, however she refuse to follow the norm. What do you create? I create miniature cacti polymer clay figurines. Each cactus figurine is one of a kind and some are based off of real cactus plants and some are from my own imagination.

The colored clay used are shaped by hand and then baked in an oven. How did it all start? I began making cactus figurines while I was still in school for dentistry. School was so stressful and I needed an outlet for my creative side. My now husband gifted me a polymer clay set and we began making things together for fun.

I began selling the figurines after I displayed them at an art show that same year. What inspires you? Colour continues to be my inspiration for all my design and art endeavors. Everything I create begins with a colour palette in mind. What are you up to next? I am currently working on my next collection of cacti which will be more focused on the detail of each plant.

Melanie on Instagram thecozypost. I lived and worked in Switzerland for 10 years. Since I live with my wife and two children near Munich. When I was in Sweden , I realised how much fun it is to take photos related to nature. Nature is definetely what inspires me the most. I take my camera everywhere I go. Even a simple looking raindrop can be so wonderful. One of my favourite places to go to take pictures is a huge field in the village I live. It is breathtaking there — a lovely lake and some of the mountains the Alps behind it.

In the late summer I will go to the Baltic Sea with my family to take photos. One of my personal biggest dreams is to travel to Iceland. I hope I can go there, very soon. Musiscians, witches and mamas with strong opinions and a great sense of humor. Tell us about yourself!

Best friends. Live in the countryside outside of Falkenberg southwestern Sweden , where we grow stuff, nurture our dreams of subsistence agriculture, sustainable living and a simpler lifestyle. Some call us witches, others calls us moms. How do you describe your music? Or: acoustic feminist dansband Swedish ballroom music style rock with a political touch, a bit like Stefan and Krister slapstick comedians but communist?

How did you guys meet? The short answer is that the universe brought us together. The long answer is that we lived in the same city, were both two little punks who hung out in two parallel punk circuits, went to different high schools and played in different bands and different string orchestras. But the day we applied for the music program in secondary school we met for the first time.

Two punks that played classic music, was that meant to be or what? The answer: yes. We have played in different bands together since the day we met. Other good music, humans, life, nature and the feeling to want to change things. What is the setup when you create your music?

It often starts with Grace sending song lyrics or a song idea to Karin. She then puts her touch on the lyrics, and makes a basic melody. When we see each other in person we carve out the melody and the text. Sometimes we send sound files to each other, other times short stanzas through text messages. Sometimes when you send something you immediately know what the other person will like or dislike. What would be your dream show? All shows are our dream shows. We love playing live. We often have band practice on the live feature of Instagram, since we love playing for people and to hear their reactions.

What are your dreams for the future? Which is pretty much what we are doing now except for the money part. We imagine that it would be strange if people had questions around us, but we prefer to be a bit humble and ask if anyone, for some reason, does have any further questions. I like Ariana Grande because she is very good at singing and she can sing very high tunes, it sounds like a whistle.

When are you listening to music? I use to choose songs depending on my mood. Have you been to any concerts? Do you play any instrument? I play the piano. I used to play the violin. When children in Sweden learn to bake, this is most likely one of the first things they learn to do. Rolled in shredded coconut, pearl sugar or sprinkles they are a favourite. There are actually entire recipe books about chokladbollar. There are so many options You can make them healthy like raw balls , or luxury, by dipping them in melted chocolate.

You can add a pinch of sea salt or your favourite spices, like cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom or ginger. You can roll them in powder from dried blueberry or raspberry. You can hide your favourite chocolate praline inside. Or make them minty with peppermint oil. Add more sugar, or less sugar, or burnt sugar or Try it. Then make up your own favourite version and remember to tell us.

You need: gram butter at room tempererature ml rolled oats ml sugar 3 tablespoons cacao of good quality 2 tablespoons water Mix all the ingredients by hand children loooove licking their fingers afterward ; or in a food processor. Roll into balls and roll the balls in shredded coconut or pearl sugar or sprinkles. The chokladbollar in this picture are made by Nora, 9 years old. The result was hour. On a bus. So definitely not worth it.

In those days she was dreaming about becoming a writer. She also enjoyed drawing and writing stories. She asked herself: a writer, is that a proper profession? And would she be able to become one? Her image of a typical writer was an old man with long beard, probably a born genius. Awake all night, sitting by the typewriter creating deep and complicated pieces. No, that did not apply to her at all. She would have to look for something else, something more realistic. At least, it will allow me to write.

She was educated at the Depart-. One thing led to another, and eventually she discovered that she was pretty good at producing texts for both children and young people. Maybe teenage-Lisa was right after all, that some people are born writers. Because the dream she already had as a four-yearold turned out to be true, although she started off as a journalist.

Often, she found herself thinking of ideas for books, and after a while she decided it was time to start writing herself.

The image of an old man with the typewriter is probably dedicating himself to poetry most of the time. She would write for young people, and for that she needed neither beard nor wakeful nights, she thought. When she was not at work she was writing on a novel. It might sound easy: She decided to write a book, she wrote it, and then it was adopted and published, and Estrid Magazine 1 This was actually not her first book.

And of course, Lisa has her own language. Well, in fact, in her speech as well. It has probably been a very good way to find that specific tone and method of writing. Sometimes at the kitchen table, sometimes in the floral sofa in the living room, sometimes out in the garden. Currently, there are about twenty pieces of them, from the picture books about Ivar and Eddie to the vegetarian cooking books which were written together with Sara Ask. There she lives mainly an ordinary everyday life that most people can relate to; Her partner and two children, daycare and preschool drop off and pick up, holidays in the cottage, conflicts in the hall, jam sandwiches, horseback riding and second hand-furniture.

That special writing desk placed in a specially designed corner. The take-off strip consists of answering emails, cleaning the desk and taking a couple of deep breaths. After that, she starts writing, and then she can write steadily all day long. After having completed a chapter I get to post a picture on Instagram.

I get completely exhausted by typing all day long, even-though I sit still I can be totally sweaty. There it is, the glamorous life of being a writer. Before, she wrote about teenagers. She remembers clearly how life was when she was a teenager herself, the feelings she had and the situations she encountered as a seventeen year old. On the other hand, to write about small children seemed impossible before she had children of her own. How does a three-yearold talk? What do they like? She began to write books for children when her child was three. I use what the kids do, think and say.

I read for them to see if they laugh at those passages where I expected they would laugh. The ideas and impulses pop up anytime in her daily life Lisa is a daydreamer. What she sees and hears, she turns into small movies in her mind. A fragment of a conversation on the commuter train can turn out to be that very detail around which she creates a story. She can also get ideas from reading. He had a long list of things he was afraid of.

Why is everybody so cool all the time? Then it came to my mind that I wanted to write a book just about such a boy. One who is afraid, but at the same time wants to be cool in front of his classmates.

Nancy Pelosi: An Extremely Stable Genius

It will be a read-aloud book for 7 to 9 year olds containing a great deal of humor. To have fun and to laugh will make the scary feelings go away. So, in other words, the ideas for books can come from very different sources of inspiration, and Lisa says just one idea in a hundred really turns out to be something.

But how does one really decide which idea to choose from? If I have already spent a lot of hours writing eight chapters, then I get stubborn and decide to finish it all off. I want to come home and say I should write a book about this, and. But it may take two years. In the process of writing, she often gets tired of it. If you start. The creative process The most creative phase occurs when she is in the process of finding a new idea for a book. At this point she likes going out for long walks thinking about her idea, on how the main character would be like, how he or she would look and what will happen to him or her.

She describes it as a very pleasant feeling and the only real moment in the overall process of creation www. At this stage, I try to make it more clear and decide what should happen next, how the book should end and where I want to go from here. Sometimes she thinks it would be nice to have the whole book planned in detail, chapter by chapter, before the actual writing begins. From the beginning, they are more like skeletons. They will come alive as the writing proceeds. It is only then that her characters convert into real people and then she will know what the book is really about.

She writes from the beginning to the end.

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She begins with chapter one and ends with the last chapter instead of jumping back and forth. The final scene is decided since day one. But still, how do you know for sure when you are really done? At this point someone else has to help me. I hand it over to my publisher in order to get an editor to have a look at it. She prefers writing only one book at a time, or at least only one thick book at a time. She sometimes works parallel with a picture book.

However, at the moment she is writing on two books. The girl is more than shy. At first, Lisa thought that this would be a book about love, but how would she be able to find someone if she is so shy? Maybe there is not going to be any love in her life. Perhaps it is enough that she dares to look up and say hi. A plan B for the economy One might easily get the impres-. But to be honest, she is devoting more time to other jobs than writing. She is a freelance journalist and she often visits schools giving lectures about her writing or conducting writing workshops.

It was not an easy decision to quit her previous employment in order to focus on the writing. So, she gradually reduced her working hours in order to spend more time writing. Every year, I am thinking that this year it will all fall apart. I need to have a plan B. Therefore I give priority to the jobs that I know will make money, which is to lecture. Once again, this will result in too little time for writing, despite the fact that she did quit her job.

To find that balance is difficult, and the days aimed for writing often disappear because of other urgent matters that need to be resolved. The next month,she always thinks she will get more time for writing. But it rarely turns out that way. When she needs a break from her daily life she goes to the stables for some horseback riding, or she works with plants in her garden. One advantage of having children is that the working hours get very structured. When they have holiday she simply has to take time off from the writing.

How to Survive as a Big Actor with Small Parts

Actually, it is something of a luxury to have a job that I like so much. Swedish pancakes In Sweden pancakes are thin, soft and not sweet. Beat in the eggs and salt and, if desired, a spoon of melted butter. Cook it until it sets, then carefully flip it with a spatula or similar and cook the other side.

It shall be golden or golden brown, but some prefer them more cooked and browner than in this picture. Then add whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top. Be creative with tinker tray! What does one need to be able to craft? Materials, space and time is actually all. And some motivation. There are no right and no wrong ways to use them. They are just free to create. Our tinker tray is a plastic box originally intended to keep screws and plugs and that sort of junk in. We keep fun junk in ours instead. Buttons in different colors and sizes, paper stars, googly eyes, miniature pegs, foam cardboard figures, pompoms and loom bands.

Whenever I find little things that could come to use one last time before they are thrown away, I put them in the box. Tractor tires and wooden boards. Nails and ropes. The important thing is that it is free and up to the child to create with the material. With tinker tray, the child gets use of their creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, patience and independent thinking. The parent gets to exercise their patience and tolerance, something parents need to do daily. Patience is a muscle to use, I say. Working with a tinker tray often gets messy and dirty and Marveling at how much can be created from nothing, it just needs to pass through a clever kid with free reigns!

A tinker used to be a person who travelled from place to place doing these little jobs for people. It can also mean to make small alternations to things in order to make them better. Memories from the first year That very first time that feels like an eternity, yet is passing by so quickly. How tiny those feet are. And a year later: How unbelievable they were that small. Was I that small?

To make a footprint is very easy, yet a bit tricky. All you need is watercolours, a paintbrush and paper. If you want to frame the print I recommend using a real watercolour paper you can find it in your art or hobby store. Paint the foot, stamp it on the paper, rinse the foot in lukewarm water, let the print dry.

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Sounds easy. And small legs can kick. To make it as easy as possible, do it when your baby is sleepy, not hungry, but content. Or once a month the first year? You can also use the prints to make cute invitation cards for a party or a baptism. Plaster prints are fun too. Begin with making a simple play dough by mixing ml flour with ml salt, ml water and 1 tablespoon oil. Knead it and let it rest in a plastic bag or box in the fridge for a little while.

Use a box you can cut a milk carton in two halves, lengthwise and put as much as you need of the dough there. The print shall be clear and deep enough. Next step is to make the plaster according to the instructions on the package. Pour it into the print.

August | Techrights - Part 3

Let it rest and harden until the next day, when you very carefully pull away the play dough. If you want to, you can use a sandpaper to smooth the plaster print. Here is a song, a rhyme and some crafts on a bug theme. Maria Ladybug, fly east, fly south fly home to your brothers so that we get food and clothes Fly, fly, fly!

Flyg, flyg, flyg! Potato print Cut the potatoes into halves and use as stamps with watercolour. It makes nice bugs. With crayons you can draw heads and legs. How many legs does a bug have? Stone ladybugs Smooth stones that are either round or oval makes pretty lady bugs. Paint them with hobby paint: Red body, black head, then black dots.

Antennas on your head You can easily make them with pipe cleaners. Wind one end of the pipe cleaner around the diadema and the other end around a small pompom. Wrap strips of fabric around and secure the fabric with a dot of glue at the end. Did you know whis about ladybugs? There are more than 4, kinds of ladybugs in the world.

During the winter they hibernate. The ladybugs favourite food is greenflies. If you have problems with greenflies in your garden, you should invite ladybugs to a greenfly party. Jean Frydenlund. A Century of Living Gordon and Eleanor Summach. With much love from Lisa, Leslie, Sheldon, Kevin and family. Please join us in celebrating Happy 90th Birthday George Ma Happy 90th Birthday George Marquis!

Daniel Cardinal. Please join us in wishing Dan the most well deserved retirement. Please RSVP to hr sheratonsaskatoon. Happy 90th Birthday Mary Peter Merv and Janet Dawe. Celebrating 55 years Congratulations on this amazing achievement. Love Beth, grandkids Rachelle, Mike, Meagan, as well as your great grandchildren. Audrey Gilroy. A come and go tea is being held in honour of Audrey Gilroy"s 90th birthday. The event will take place Sunday March 10 from pm at the Palisades Seniors Residence 23rd.

Mom"s friends, both old and new are welcome to drop by and share some laughs and Sharon, you've created such a wonderful life and beautiful family. You mean everything to us! Love you to the Moon and back. James, Cloe and Talon More. James Pulak. Happy Birthday Sharon! Congratulations On Your "Doubl And you thought we didn't know when your birthday was tee hee Donni and David, of Saskatoon Congratulations on 31 Years of Service with the City of Saskatoon!!

Love your proud husband, Darren More. Jaye Ebner. Happy 60th Birthday Jaye! Love from Your Girls More. Daylene Roses are red, Viole Daylene Roses are red, Violets are blue. Ever since I can remember, I have loved you. Forever Yours, Byron More. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! Daryl and Betty were married on February 14, true high school sweethearts. Your love and dedication to each other and your children is inspiring. We love you to the moon. Love from your children and grandchildren. Ross Harwood. We hope you have an amazing day. XO More. Bob Middleton.

Happy 85th Birthday Grandpa Bob. We hope you have a great day. You are the best Grandpa and Dad that we could ever hope for. We love you very much. Lenny Lerioux. On January 29, we are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary! We will reminisce about the amazing day that we shared with family and friends in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Cheers to the next 5 years, Chris!

Doug J. Nine decades and counting, and here is a list of things that Dad did not have as a kid Computers, laptops, cell phones and tapes Facebook, Video Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary He spent most of his 35 years as a teacher at Winston High in Watrous. He later worked for 30 years as Administrator at St. George's Ukrainian Seniors Residence in Saskatoon. During and in between those jobs he worked for 23 years During and in between those jobs he worked for Happy 95th Birthday to our tim Happy 95th Birthday to our timeless gem Ruby Hosaluk who was born in the same year as cheeseburgers and the the invention of the Moviola!

A mother to many people far and wide, we are blessed to have your presence in our lives. Love always from your family More. Mabood Qureshi. Congratulations Dad on your retirement! We appreciate your 45 years of service towards healthcare and lab services in both Regina and Saskatoon. We wish you a wonderful retirement with lots of relaxation and even more enjoyment. Happy Birthday Daniel Thinkin Happy Birthday Daniel Thinking of you!

Love, Dad More. Grant Cubbon. Wedding Announcement Anne Each day that our hearts hold on to each other is a better day than the one before. For that is an accomplishment you both should be very proud of. Love always, your kids and many family and friends. With much love from your girls. Adrienne, Lauren, Cara, Marla and Nicole, as well as your 8 grandchildren.

Betty Butler. Gwen Ross. Dec 9 - Wishing you a very Happy 80th Birthday, Mom! Arlene H. Look who's birthday it is Sweet sixteen to Sixty in a flash! Happy 60th Arlene! Michelle Vanhouwe. Olga Haffner. Anna Hounjet. Happy 60th Anniversary More. Come and Go th Birthday Ce November 19, More. Happy Birthday!! Happy 60th birthday, Yvette! Don't let aging get you down. It's too hard to get back up again! With love, From your family More. After 43 years with Saskatoon Public Schools.

Randy has finally hung up the mops and brooms for the last time. Congratulations on your retirement! Love from, Judy and the kids More. Les Dickson. Happy 90th Mom. Call Shirley and wish her a Happy Birthday. Happy 80th Birthday Mom Sally Convocation York University David's grandparents are the late Loreen McKay Happy th birt Loreen McKay Happy th birthday!

Thank you for being the person you are! Norma and Matthew Kratchmer H Davids United Church Merrit st. Saskatoon, Sask. Sat Oct 27th 2 - 4 pm More. Patricia Novakovski. Oct 21 - Wishing a very special Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, and our amazing mother. Love Blaine, Jodie and Nikole. We would like to thank everyone for coming to our 60th Anniversary celebration and for all the lovely cards, gifts and kind wishes. Happy 60th Anniversary Olga Greg Harrison.