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Thanks, Backtrap. Last edited by Backtrap; at PM. Use any cover you can get, hous, hill etc. If you look instead of the shooter on his console, you see a mini joystick that is there to take into account the steering missile. So this is not a "fire and forget". You must be in optimal conditions to make a successful shot.

Try to see the possibility of moving the missile once it is launched, with the command you have assigned to guide the reticle of the camera, it is the same command for aiming and guidance of the missile. Practice first with the possibility of being partially hidden by hard osbtacles buildings, mountains Once at a safe distance from the target, go into the shooter's spot and look in the screen while going up to see the target, above the obstacle that hides you. Start the hovering station. Normally, as your camera is above of the cockpit, the targets do not engage you because they do not see you.

Indeed it is your camera which exceeds, not your fuselage. By being in this way in height relative to the target, the missile is less likely to go to the ground. Hovering behind trees too low, the missile will crash in front of you, unless you are long distance, and there you can catch up with the joystick. On the throttle of the warthog, you have a mini joystick, very sensitive , just to the left of the coolie hat on the face where the four fingers land.


You can use it for the displacement of the viewfinder and for the firing of the missile. As well as for the piloting of the missile. Last edited by cromhunt; at PM. Find More Posts by cromhunt. Thanks for the tips and video link guys.

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I appreciate the feedback. I will keep practicing!! It's not in DCS but it's also spectacular, and the gazelle is still so impressive. Now imagine the hours of training to gain control of this radio-controlled model. It's a wire controlled missile.

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If you fire at ranges that are superior to the length of the wire, then obviously the wire get cut and this triggers the missile's self destruct. I always get whacked by them. Fire and keep moving Thanks again for the feedback. I am not having much luck. Died to machine guns of some sort. I really like the Gazelle, but these short-range missiles are really hard to hit targets with. Guess I will try some rockets next time and try to move fast.

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I think what I really need is a 2nd gunner in multiplay. Still not sure which part is broken? We can offer you custom troubleshooting help if you search with your model number. All rights reserved. Fast Delivery 1. Manufacturer Certified Parts. Sign In. My Account. If you placed an order on ApplianceHelp. Click here for more details. Shop With Confidence. Start Your Repair Here.

Ovens often have voltages exceeding volts, a jolt from which can be fatal. Open your oven door to locate the temperature sensor.

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It will most likely be found attached to the back wall, near the top. How to test a thermostat.