Manual Fixing Sex: Intersex, Medical Authority, and Lived Experience

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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Description this book Fixing Sex Examines the contemporary controversies over the medical management of intersexuality in the United States from the multiple perspectives of those most intimately involved.

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  • Katrina Karkazis, “Fixing Sex” (recommended reading).
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Fixing Sex: Intersex, Medical Authority, and Lived Experience [NEWS]

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. She focuses on the medical treatment of intersexe This wasn't in my list of books to read, but it came up when searching for other in regards to Intersex. She focuses on the medical treatment of intersexed individuals and the response from doctors, parent and patients. What it comes down to, is what could be considered cosmetic surgery takes places on infants as if it's necessary.

Is this ethical? Well Karkazis doesn't simply come out and say "No", but rather asks readers to consider all that goes into the making of gender and the decision for it. It becomes quite clear in her book that is not a simple matter. No one institution or people are made out to be the evil.

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There's conflict within every community. We are a culture that doesn't allow for there to be people who are not female or male. As we aim to be less restricted we still expect certain norms. It's quite bizarre to think tiny babies are having operations done to their genitalia for cosmetic appeal.

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  8. It doesn't seem like such a drastic measure should be taken until the child has grown. When will relief come to this area of gender? In Karkazis book, as well as others I've read, it's clear that several gender movements have taken place and work off each other's steam. I've held the opinion that gender is mistaken and makes way too many unrelated connections between behavior, personality, socializing and norms.

    In my opinion, I suppose I would agree with those in the social sciences about this being a construct greatly determined by culture and history. In a somewhat crude comment a social scientist points out that the old will simply have to "die" for us to get anything done in this area. I agree that intersex conditions that pose no threat to a child's health shouldn't be "treated" until the child has a say in the treatment.

    It's a matter of being open minded and more honest with the children who are different. The biggest issue that stuck out to me was the fact that the children were so young when undergoing this surgery. It doesn't seem safe or right to make an infant undergo unnecessary surgery. I ended up thinking that the parents were the most They were blamed as the people who made the decisions for their child, being uneducated and not protecting their children.


    At the same time, the doctors were noted as not always treating the intersex individuals as people and were the source for traumatic memories. As I said though, there isn't a bad guy in this book, there isn't someone to put all the blame on. If the blame is to go anywhere it is on society.

    The book itself seemed a little tedious in details. There was redundant information and some stuff was mentioned over and over. I understand that with a book with so much information that it's somewhat helpful to have the information re-addressed when it's talked about. I found myself needing that redundant information in a few instances. I kind of wonder if Karkazis covered too much, but then it wouldn't have been the same book or had the same amount of value if she hadn't taken if from many angles. Apr 04, Aaron rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , gender-studies , culture-studies , social-commentary , psychology.

    Thoroughly researched. Objectively critiqued. Well-written and highly and properly contextualized. Karkazis documents the competing structuring of identity politics of intersex-diagnosed individuals through multiple lenses, most significantly that of physicians. However, Karkazis gives many of them a chance to voice their thoughts on past, current, and future reflections of sex dia Thoroughly researched. However, Karkazis gives many of them a chance to voice their thoughts on past, current, and future reflections of sex diagnosis, gender identity politics, and the overall medicalization of human individuality.

    The book is highly academic and thoroughly researched. The author's approach digs into the cultural perceptions behind our supposed moral judgements at the core of treatment practices that may or may not be human, when properly interpreted.

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    The conceit of the cure can be dangerous if there is nothing that truly needs to be cured. Many important topics are addressed, including: how sexual function is conceptualized by medicine; how technology gives clinicians more authority over the lived experience than the patient; the psycho-social care of an individual, and it's valuation, or lack thereof, in the midst of life-changing surgical practices; the routine medical decisions made to subvert female sexuality; social constructionist perspectives and how ambiguity predisposes or presumes difference; and the contradictions apparent, either by clinicians, parents of intersex children, or other individuals, who argue on the grounds of normative social policy, exaggerating social approval and ultimately regarding variation somatic or otherwise as an inadequate and for some reason, dangerous human existence.

    Jun 05, Stacey rated it it was amazing.

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    The book does drag at times, getting almost bogged down in details about medical diagnoses and procedures, but ultimately, this is because Karkazis covers so much ground and has do much to catch us up on. While the book is a fascinating treatment of gender, where it really shines is in the ways Karkazis highlights the more general critiques of biomedicine's approach to disease, including the separation of mind and body and the heavy reliance on rapidly changing improving?

    Oct 20, Beth rated it liked it Shelves: for-school. Interesting examination of clinical approaches to intersexed individuals, as well as the experiences of parents and patients. I wish she had included more individual stories, but given that her goal was to produce an overview, she has given future researchers a great foundation to build on.

    Fixing Sex

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